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CPAP mask comfort pads provide a barrier between your skin and the silicone cushion seal of the CPAP mask. These pads reduce skin irritation and redness that can be a side effect of sleep apnea therapy.

Benefits of Using CPAP Mask Covers

Undergoing CPAP therapy can have unique discomforts, but you can escape these discomforts with a CPAP mask cover. Not only does it give comfort when wearing CPAP masks, but it also helps you feel better while on therapy.

Here are some of the benefits of using CPAP masks covers.

Air Leak Prevention

One of the most important things to remember in CPAP therapy is always to secure the mask to prevent air leaks. However, some people tend to sweat a lot. In effect, there’s a big chance that masks will slip and lose their grip.

But with a Pad A Cheek mask pads, you can control sweat and give your straps a soft, tight grip on your face. Pad a Cheek CPAP strap covers can help eliminate strap marks after therapy. Thus, say goodbye to embarrassing strap marks.

Using mask pads can give extra assurance that the mask is still attached correctly, especially during sleep. At night, you may not be aware that air is leaking already. With mask pads, you can avoid these situations and continue your therapy as prescribed.

Skin Protection

Straps attached on your face can cause discomfort on the skin. Not only will these leave marks, but they can also cause irritation, bacteria buildup, and acne breakout. Tight masks can encourage bacteria buildup on the surface of the skin.

Moreover, masks that are too loose can be a problem too. During sleep, the mask may slightly move on areas of the face where it is attached, which can cause skin irritation and acne because of the presence of bacteria and oils on your face.

However, Pad A Cheek pads can help prevent acne breakouts and skin irritation. Because of its soft texture, there will be no itchiness on your face during sleep.

CPAP Therapy Adjustment

If you are new to this therapy, many people would recommend that you try CPAP during the day so you can see and feel how it works. Using Pad A Cheek can help you adjust in terms of comfortability of the mask on your face.

Once you get the hang of CPAP, you can start trying it during sleep. The level of comfort you get with mask pads can help you maximize your CPAP therapy. Though it can be challenging at first, you’ll eventually find ways how to make this therapy easier for you.

Compatibility on CPAP Brands

Pad A Cheek products have different mask pads for every CPAP brand like ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Swift FX, and many more. If you want to know more about their brand, visit

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