Refurbished CPAP Machines

Refurbished CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines provide the customer an opportunity to purchase a machine at a discounted rate. Refurbished/ Pre-Owned machines are usually machines that were used on a customer for a short period of time, hence low hours. Some CPAP users cannot tolerate the pressure of a CPAP machine and choose to no longer use it or become non-compliant. Non-compliant customers will then sell their equipment to 1800CPAP where we will clean it and replace all parts with new items.

Refurbished / Pre-Owned machines will typically have minimal hours on them and in many cases, still hold a manufacturer warranty. Parts of the machine that will be replaced with new parts are:

The machine will go through a rigorous cleaning process ensuring all areas are fully disinfected and ready to be used again. The cleaning process is documented and tracked to ensure any refurbished machine has been fully inspected and cleaned prior to leaving our facility. A copy of the inspection is included with the machine when sent to the customer.

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