Used CPAP Machines

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the prescribed treatment and therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). A CPAP machine includes a hose and nosepiece to provide steady air pressure for patients.

Physicians recommend buying a brand new CPAP machine, but it can be a little pricey. In these situations, buying a used or refurbished CPAP machine might be advisable.

When buying used CPAP machines, there are different aspects you need to look for to make sure it’s optimal. We have numerous CPAP machines on sale of the highest-quality.

Ensure It’s High-Quality

Potential buyers should make sure the refurbished CPAP machines are of high-quality with low usage hours. Worn CPAP machines can be susceptible to many defects and can affect your sleep apnea treatment. It’s also essential that the used CPAP machines are restored to factory settings.

All our refurbished machines went through an 11-point safety inspection.

Pick the Right Size or Style CPAP Mask

Collaborate with your doctor and CPAP supplier to make sure you’re buying a CPAP mask that fits you perfectly. Everyone has a different face shape, and someone else’s mask might not work for you.

There are different kinds of face masks, such as full-face masks that gently cover your mouth and nose. Others offer nasal pillows with straps that cover less but fit perfectly under your nose. These kinds of face masks are less cumbersome to use.

It’s also important to know how to gently adjust the face straps to ensure a good fit.

Get a Machine That Has a Ramp Feature

Try finding CPAP machines for sale that have a “ramp” feature. This allows you to start with low air pressure that gradually increases the longer you use it. If this doesn’t work, consult your doctor about getting a CPAP machine for sale that automatically adjusts the pressure while you sleep.

Ill-Fitting Masks Can Cause Dry or Stuffy Nose

A CPAP mask that doesn’t fit well can cause your nose to get dry. Tightening the straps too often might mean your mask doesn’t fit well. Getting a machine that has a heated humidifier can help prevent you getting a dry and stuffy nose.

Tight Masks Can Cause Skin Irritation or Pressure Sores

An ill-fitting mask can also cause your eyes to dry out by blowing air into them. When this happens, gently adjust the straps. However, if you make it too tight, it can cause skin irritation or sores. Make the tightness just right.

Can I Use a Used CPAP Machine?

Buying from a CPAP machine sale isn’t a problem as long as you make sure it’s a high-quality machine and isn’t too worn out. Old machines can cause more problems than you’re expecting.

What Do You Do with a Used CPAP Machine?

Operating used CPAP machines is the same as using a brand-new one. It’s worthy to note that all our refurbished CPAP machines have been fitted with new water chambers, hoses, filters, replaceable seals, and travel cases. We ensure the highest quality CPAP equipment on the market.

Please note, some online monitoring or reporting services like myAir, AirView and DreamMapper might be unavailable with some used CPAP machine models because of manufacturer restrictions on previously registered devices.

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