CPAP Tubing & Hoses

CPAP tubing is a hollow tube/ hose that connects your CPAP mask to your sleep apnea therapy device. Most standard or slimline tubing is compatible with any make or model of CPAP or Bilevel machine. The Heated Tubing is specific to the make and model of machine. Heated Tubing cannot be interchanged between makes and models and is not recommended to be attempted as it could void a warranty. Standard Tubing will range between 2 feet to 10 feet in length while the Heated Tubing is a standard 6 feet in length.

What are typical issues with CPAP Tubing?

Corrugated Inside: The tubing is corrugated on the inside which can attract and hold condensation that is being provided by a heated humidifier. If the tube is not cleaned consistently, it can develop mold on the inside of the tube where water becomes trapped. Tubing should be cleaned weekly and replaced every couple of months.

Animals: They love CPAP Tubing. We see it all the time where a pet has played with the CPAP Tubing and punctured holes in it. The tubing is providing positive pressure to the airway and any leak in the tubing can affect the quality in which the machine provides that pressure. Any tubing with holes, whether they be small holes, should be replaced.

Over-Stretched When a tube has become over-stretched, it will eventually cause holes and leak. It is important to grab the rubber end of the tubing when removing it from a mask or the machine. This will prevent the tube from stretching out over time.

What is the difference between Standard and Heated Tubing

Standard Tubing is a universal tube that can be used with 99% of the machines on the market. The standard tubing is typically 6 feet in length, but can be purchased in several different lengths.

Heated Tubing is specific to the machine it was designed to be used with because it has an electrical connection that will only fit with that specific machine. The heated function does not heat the air being provided; it simply provides maximum humidification that is being provided by the Heated Humidifier to the user at the mask. Humidity is slightly lost throughout a standard tube causing a user to increase the humidity setting. Increased humidity can cause condensation build up in the tube or too much humidity in the mask making the face wet, otherwise known as “rain-out”. Heated Tubing prevents these from happening as it keeps the humidity at a consistent state throughout.

Does CPAP Hose Size Matter?

The length and diameter of the tubing does matter as the machines are designed with using a 6 foot tube in consideration. The longer the tube, the more distance the air must travel from the machine to the mask. As the air and humidity travel through the tube, its temperature drops, and it loses moisture. This can lead to “rain-out” as discussed above. The diameter of the tube also affects the setting of your CPAP or bilevel device. You will have to adjust the setting of your device if you use tubes with a different diameter. To ensure 100 percent compatibility and less hassle, it’s best to use the same brand of hoses with your machine (e.g., ResMed hoses with ResMed machines, etc) unless you are using a standard universal tube.

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