Hybrid CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Hybrid Full Face CPAP masks combine two design styles into one. A hybrid uses a mouth cushion seal and nasal pillow insert that work in unison to allow the CPAP or BiPAP user to breathe through both the nose and the mouth. The Nasal Pillow seal uses the outer rim of the nostril to seal the nose while the mouth cushion uses the cheek line around the mouth and upper chin to seal. Using the Nasal Pillow to make the seal at the nose, keeps the mask off the bridge of the nose which can add comfort as well as a better seal of the mask.

Hybrid Masks are designed specifically for users that must also breath in and out of their mouth. Most CPAP users begin breathing in and out of their mouth because when you have undiagnosed Sleep Apnea, mouth breathing is typical. Use of CPAP therapy should reduce, if not eliminate mouth breathing. Users with nasal issues, such as deviated septum, constant allergies, other nasal type blockage and high CPAP Pressures can also benefit from using the Hybrid style mask. Receiving the pressure through both the nose and mouth will ensure you are getting the ample amount of pressure to keep the airway open.

Traditional Full Face masks use the bridge of the nose, down the side of the nose, around the mouth line and the upper part of the chin to make the seal. The Hybrid Full Face mask uses the outer portion of the nostrils, sides of the mouth and upper part of the chin to make the seal.

When a CPAP user falls asleep, one of the first things to relax on them is their mouth. The mouth dropping can cause major seal issues with a Traditional Full Face. Leaking will occur because the mask is trying to seal at a stable point of the face (bridge of the nose) at the same time as it is trying to seal an instable point (the mouth). Establishing a good seal is difficult in this situation. The Hybrid mask seal points all work in unison with one another which allows the user to get a more proper seal. When the mouth drops while using a Hybrid mask, the nasal area still gets a good seal.

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