Pediatric CPAP Masks For Children

CPAP masks for kids are smaller profile masks to better fit most smaller children. Children do not have the width and height in their faces that adults do. So, CPAP manufacturers have developed smaller masks geared towards children. We ease the process by providing a great selection of pediatric size masks to fit your child. Fun designs allow a CPAP mask with headgear to become a natural part of the bedtime routine.

Help Children Get a Good Night's Rest

Like adults, children can experience a need for breathing therapy with a CPAP machine to help with conditions like sleep apnea. Quality sleep is important for children’s good health and consistent growth, as well as their emotional well-being. A pediatric CPAP mask with headgear provides the traditional breathing support that adults can get from it but with a child-size nasal mask and headgear for increased comfort. A mask designed for children works with most CPAP machine therapies. Styles can vary to be comfortable for kids even if they’re restless sleepers. Letting them help choose the right CPAP masks can allow them to feel like they’re active participants in their care.

Pediatric CPAP Therapy

Kids need CPAP masks designed just for them. In addition to considerations like a comfort cushion and multiple headgear sizes to accommodate growing children, these CPAP masks feature soft fabrics and prints to make wearing one for sleep apnea and similar conditions feel less scary or out-of-the-ordinary. A pediatric CPAP mask that a child wants to wear can go a long way in supporting their commitment to following their doctor’s breathing therapy recommendations.

Mask features include a small cushion for a quality seal, comfortable and flexible headgear that allows for natural sleep movement, and different tubing with a design that accommodates their small size. Many of these masks fit CPAP devices like Respironics models. The machines are able to generate the appropriate air pressure at a comfortable level so that a child’s medical needs are met.

Caring for Your CPAP Mask and Headgear for Children

Kids’ CPAP accessories need the same kind of care that masks and headgear for grown-ups require. Generally, a nasal CPAP mask can be hand-washed with mild soap and allowed to air dry. Keep parts out of reach of small children and pets. The CPAP machines may require new filter changes or other parts replacement according to manufacturer instructions. A pediatric CPAP mask may need new parts on a regular basis, too.

When it’s time to buy a CPAP mask for your child, consider the many options here that have been created to fit them well and provide effective breathing support. These masks offer a reliable seal with a natural feel. Straps let kids sleep freely, without waking in the night because of tugging or ending up tangled in the hose. Adjusting to nightly breathing therapy is easier when you and your child can feel confident about the fit and performance of your CPAP mask and gear.

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