Nasal CPAP Masks

Nasal style CPAP masks cover the nose only with contact points being the bridge of the nose, around the nose and upper portion of the lip (just below the nostrils. The masks are typically a triangle-shaped interface that uses a silicone or gel cushion to provide a seal. Nasal Masks along with Nasal Pillow Masks are the most recommended style of a mask for new users of CPAP therapy. Choosing the style of Nasal Mask is solely a matter of customer’s preference as well as needs. Needs would be determined by normal sleep position, facial structure, claustrophobia, facial hair, and hair style are among relevant considerations when determining which mask style may be needed. Customers that struggle to find the right fit, may switch from different styles until the right fitting mask is found.

What Is the Difference Between a Nasal Mask and a Nasal Pillow Mask?

A nasal mask covers the nose, while a nasal pillow mask has pillows or cushions that use the outer rim of the nostrils to form the seal. When properly fit, the Nasal Mask will provide the user with a maximized seal. Mask fitting guides are a great tool for users to determine the proper size for their face. A Nasal Style Mask that is not the proper size can leak into the user’s eyes or around the nose and cause issues while using their machine.

Can Mouth Breathers Use Nasal CPAP Masks?

Nasal masks are not ideal for mouth breathers but can be used with a chinstrap to help keep the mouth closed. Mouth breathing is a common issue with people that suffer from sleep apnea. When using a CPAP, most users will find the mouth breathing reduced or even eliminated.

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