CPAP Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy provides calm, relaxing fragrances that are delivered through the intake filter of your CPAP machine to entice your sense of smell. The scents found in the Pur Sleep starter pack kit and individually sold bottles of essential oil provide sinus relief as well as eliminate potential odors within your CPAP system. Just add the oil to the diffuser pad and place it behind the filter of your CPAP/BiPAP machine. The air that’s circulating through the CPAP machines will capture the scent as it travels through your machine, hose, and mask.

Discover Your Preferred Scents

Pur Sleep aromatherapy is like air candy, and can even include delightful scents like dark chocolate. Select among an array of aromatherapy fragrances available as bottles of essential oils. From Fresh scent to Deep scent essential oils, CPAP users can enjoy soothing and calming fresh scents. The cognitive distraction provided by pure essential oils like Clear and Calm from Pur Sleep makes a great aromatherapy starter kit. Using essential oils in your CPAP therapy provides everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

How to Begin

It’s easy to add to the cart and begin this self-care within days. Simply tip the bottle of clear essential oils over onto the pad until a small amount comes out and place it in the diffuser tray. The scent is drawn into your CPAP. The CPAP machine will capture the fragrance, and you’ll experience the benefits of aromatic sensations. Benefits may include greater calm and improved rest in just one night. You can feel free to use this at-home care every night or only as needed when you’re having difficulty falling asleep.

Self-Care System Uses Your CPAP

Add these aromatics to your cart today. Using essential oils in CPAP machines isn’t new. CPAP aromatherapy has been used for several years for simple diffusion and a non-medical intervention that may be effective in supporting relaxation and decreasing the symptoms of anxiety. Improve self-care and ease your mind through scents like sweet eucalyptus and spice drops. Aromatherapy is comforting and can help improve CPAP users’ compliance in using a CPAP machine.

Enjoy Non-Medicated Relief of Common Sleep Concerns

Discover why aromatherapy use is so common among patients. As they breathe easier due to the CPAP machine, they can also enjoy feelings of overall well-being and better mental peace. Using an aromatherapy kit is safe for most CPAP equipment, and the beginners’ set is all you need to get started. The essential oils aren’t added directly to machines but to diffuser pads. Contact us with any questions you have as you get used to this new sleep therapy through passive diffusion. Customers enjoy the reusable diffusion pads that are designed to be put into use night after night to help sleep apnea patients get restorative sleep.

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