Philips NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device


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Philips NightBalance Positional Therapy

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The NightBalance by Philips Respironics is a mask-free treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnea. The small device is worn across the user’s chest in an adjustable chest strap. It delivers light vibrations that prompt the user to change sleep positions from supine without disturbing sleep. It automatically adjusts the intensity of vibrations to provide the therapy you need.

How does it work?

As you sleep it detects when you are sleeping on your back and delivers auto-customized, gentle vibrations that prompt you to move onto your side without disturbing your sleep. The quiet vibrations help you to stay off your back and avoid the higher number of breathing disturbances that occur when you sleep on your back. This reduces the overall AHI to levels that make NightBalance clinically non-inferior to CPAP therapy.

No Mask needed

Philips NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy Device is worn across the chest during sleep, there are no masks, no tubes, and no CPAP Machine accessories needed. It's designed to make it easy for you to fall asleep in any position and stay asleep.

Considerate Adaptation Program

Philips L2US01US NightBalance Positional Sleep Therapy has a uniquely designed Adaptation Program. For the first two nights (nights 1 & 2), the device will simply monitor the individual's sleep behavior without providing any therapy. For nights 3 through 9, gradual vibrations are introduced over time to help you get acclimated to the device. On day 10 and on, the device provides full therapy when needed. Thus reducing the time spent sleeping on your back, and more time sleeping soundly.

Compatible mobile app

The NightBalance is constantly monitoring and recording how your body responds to the therapy it provides. All sleep data is automatically uploaded to a secure online portal. The user-friendly interface allows you to follow your progress online and the device itself, helping you keep track of your sleep goals.

Is this therapy right for you?

Are you suffering from POSA (positional obstructive sleep apnea) but cannot tolerate PAP treatment? Are you finding it unbearable to use a mask, leaving you with dry mouth or nose irritations? If yes, NightBalance might be the answer for you.

Benefits of NightBalance

Patients using NightBalance found it to be more comfortable, easier to use, and significantly more adherent to it than to CPAP machines. According to Philips Respironics, 88% of users who tried NightBalance said they would recommend NightBalance to others.

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