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ResMed S9 VPAP™ Adapt with H5i™ Humidifier - Certified Refurbished

Refurbished ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt
Refurbished ResMed S9 VPAP AdaptResMed S9 VPAP Adapt MachineResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine TubingResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine Water ChamberResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine FiltersResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine Power SupplyResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine Data CardResMed S9 VPAP Adapt Machine Travel Bag
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ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt is an advanced bi-level that uses servo-ventilation therapy to treat central sleep apnea and complex sleep apnea.
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Manufacturer: 1800CPAP Refurbished
SKU: 36027-PO

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Certified Pre-Owned VPAP Adapt SV with H5i Humidifier

Copy of RX Required When Applicable to U.S. Residents.

Included with Product

  • ResMed VPAP Adapt SV 36017
  • H5i Heated Humidifier
  • New Water Chamber
  • New Filter
  • New CPAP Hose
  • Travel Case
  • Owners Manual
  • Power Supply
  • 90 Day Warranty

New Product Information Listed Below

The VPAP™ Adapt is an adaptive servo-ventilator specifically designed to treat central sleep apnea (CSA) in all its forms while providing quiet and comfortable therapy. The VPAP™ Adapt algorithm adapts to the patient’s ventilation needs on a breath-by-breath basis, and is synchronized to the patient's own recent breathing rate and flow pattern to maximize comfort and compliance.

  • Ultra quiet Easy-Breathe motor
  • Intuitive menu settings and color LCD display
  • Seamless integration with optional H5i™ heated humidifier with Climate Control



Maximum comfort with Climate Control
The H5i™ heated humidifier offers advanced humidification with Climate Control, which automatically maintains temperature and humidity levels as conditions change throughout the night (and from season to season). Our patented ClimateLine™; tubing delivers a constant, comfortable temperature at the mask and also helps substantially reduce rainout.


Ultra quiet therapy with Easy-Breathe motor technology
The Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor significantly reduces radiated and conducted noise transferred through the mask to the patient, making it easier to integrate into the patient's (and bed partner's) lifestyle.


Data management options
Monitoring patient progress is convenient and easy with a range of data management options, including 30 sessions of detailed data, seven sessions of high resolution data, and 365 sessions of compliance and summary data. Compliance and summary data are easily transferred from the S9™; wireless module for daily remote monitoring and from the SD card on the VPAP™ Adapt. S9™ wireless capabilities allow you to view patient usage during the critical first weeks of therapy, ensuring that any compliance issues are detected and addressed early.


Proven technology, effective treatment
Understanding that every patient is different, S9™ VPAP™ devices offer advanced technologies with maximum clinical control to help you meet the unique needs of even your most difficult bilevel patients.


The VPAP™ Adapt algorithm adapts to the patient's ventilation needs on a breath-by breath basis by automatically calculating a target ventilation (90% of the patient’s recent average ventilation) and adjusting the pressure support to achieve it. Because its synchronized to the patient's own recent breathing pattern, the VPAP™ Adapt is able to provide a low, comfortable level of pressure support.



Additionally, the VPAP™ Adapt features enhanced Vsync™ technology, which compensates for leak by continuously monitoring and automatically adjusting the baseline flow as needed. This enables reliable triggering and cycling while maintaining the set pressures, resulting in excellent
patient–ventilator synchrony.

Copy of RX Required When Applicable

Product Category: Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care > PAP Machines
GTIN: 619498360277
Mode of Operation: Adaptive Servo Ventilation
Warranty: 90 Day
Filters: Yes
Altitude Compensation: Automatic
Humidifier: Integrates with H5i™ Humdifier
Actual Weight: 1.8lbs (83.5kg)
US Shipping Cost: Free
Travel Sized: 6" x 5.5" x 3.4", 153 x 140 x 86mm
Associated Part #'s: 36017, 36007
Condition: Refurbished

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Item Number: 36027-PO
Manufacturer: 1800CPAP Refurbished
SKU: 36027-PO
Free Shipping Anywhere in the U.S. | International Shipping Available