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RespCare Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

RespCare Hybrid with Headgear
RespCare Hybrid with HeadgearRespCare Hybrid with HeadgearRespCare Hybrid with HeadgearRespCare Hybrid with HeadgearRespCare Hybrid with Headgear
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The RespCare Hybrid Nasal Oral CPAP Mask is a great alternative for customers that need a Full Face Mask, but cannot get a good seal. This mask seals like a normal nasal pillow mask!
Manufacturer: RespCare

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Hybrid Full Face Mask with Headgear by RespCare

The Hybrid is a unique fusion of technologies, designed to be a universal interface for patients, clinicians, and providers. This one product serves as a nasal interface, an oral interface, and a combination of the two. The Hybrid is a dual airway interface for use with positive pressure ventilation devices for the treatment of respiratory insufficiencies and obstructive sleep apnea. The unique design of the Hybrid promotes patient comfort by eliminating pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose. A built-in chin flap gently supports the chin ensuring optimal performance. The Hybrid complete system contains all of the components required to properly size the patient, eliminating the hassle of opening multiple packages to get the right fit.

Copy of RX Required When Applicable. Can't find your RX? Not a problem. Our staff can contact your provider for a copy OR you can choose to itemize your order to No Rx Required to avoid any delays. Go ahead and place your order and a member of our staff will contact you regarding your preferred method. It's that easy!

RespCare Hybrid Full Face MASK Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Design: Simplifies mask choice and fitting techniques for patients; one product offering all sizes and all modes of therpay in one (oral, nasal and nasal oral)
  • Built In Chinstrap: Ideal for mouth breathers; no additional cost required with purchasing a chinstrap
  • No Nasal Bridge or Foreghead Contact: Patient can wear glasses; eliminates nasal bridge soreness; eliminates leaks into eyes; easier acceptance of therapy
  • All Sizes Included: Reduces the chance of improper sizing or purchase of wrong size
  • Premium Headgear: Five points of adjustability provides a better seal and increased support; buckles for quick connect and disconnect

The simple fact that this mask does not make contact with your nasal bridge significantly reduces complications with wearing a Full Face Mask! Most patients struggle with a fit of a Full Face Mask because it leaks in the eyes or around the mouth. This is because you are trying to seal a mask in 2 areas that are completely different. 1. Nasal Bridge: which is a sturdy area that doesn't move during sleep and 2. Chin and Mouth: which are the first areas to drop when you fall asleep. This is why it is so difficult to get a good seal, one area is stable and the other is not. With the Hybrid, you do not have that problem!

Parts and Accessories for the Hybrid are as follows:

  • HYB500- Hybrid Complete System Mask
  • HYB511- Hybrid Mouth Cushion- Sm
  • HYB513- Hybrid Mouth Cushion- Med
  • HYB515- Hybrid Mouth Cushion- Lg
  • HYB521- Hybrid Nasal Pillows- Sm
  • HYB523- Hybrid Nasal Pillows- Med
  • HYB525- Hybrid Nasal Pillows- Lg
  • HYB530- Hybrid Headgear
  • HYB540- Hybrid Full Face Mask without Headgear

RX is required to purchase this item in the U.S.

Product Category:Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care > PAP Masks
Warranty:90 day manufacturer warranty
Shipping Weight:2 Lbs
US Shipping Cost:Free
RX Required?:Yes
Insurance Codes:A7030, A7035

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(14 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
loved this, too
Vicky (Delray beach) 9/22/2016 3:54 PM
I had the liberty and it wasn't sealing but this one is fantastic. The downside is the huge selection they have you to chose from and I didn't want to try them all. I stuck with medium and medium. It works great.
Love the Hybrid
Fred (Ft Myers) 12/10/2013 12:30 PM
Just bought another one and I very much like this mask. This model has a chin flap that holds the mask in place much better than the competitor model. I love that you can chose how high you want the pillow to be. It's a very quiet mask and the pillows on my first one lasted a good long time even though they were super soft. The pillows on the competitor push a lat on the nose to seal but the Respcare one doesnt have to. You'll like it. I gave it 5 stars.
Nice idea don't like the implementation.
T Frank Milliren (Mission, KS) 10/21/2013 2:23 PM
I currently use the Quattro FX and do not care for the way the mask and side straps run right under my eyes but I need a full mask with straps on the side to get a seal so I really liked the look of this Hybrid. I really like the head strap setup of this hybrid mask, at least they got that part right. I do breath through my mouth, often because of nasal congestion from allergies, so between that and getting used to the Quattro I despise the built-in chin strap. It is molded into the mask itself so removal is not an option. I could get used to all of that but what renders this mask useless for me is that even the mouth opening on the large face piece is too vertically too small and the upper lip seal is too thick. With the chin strap in the proper position the top of face piece barely clears my upper lip and fails to form a leak-free seal. I have even tried getting everything positioned looking in a mirror while manipulating the mask into a comfortable placement before going to be and connecting the hose to the mask with no luck. The only way to obtain a seal is to tighten the straps so much that I'm awakened by severe pain in my upper lip/gumline within 1-2 hours. So good concept but I just wasted the cost of the mask, maybe it will work for you but after three weeks of trying to get used to it this thing is headed for the trash bin.
Good fit
Gary (N. Carolina) 5/15/2012 5:48 PM
This mask is very comfortable, adjust easy, love the chin strap that comes with it since I am a mouth breather. would recommend this mask. The price is great too compared to other sites. Thank you