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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer by SoClean Inc.

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Manufacturer: SoClean Inc.

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SoClean 2 CPAP Machine Sanitizer

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription

Product Description

Please note: This product can only be sold to US & Canada residents.

The SoClean 2 unit is a device that sanitizes and disinfects your CPAP equipment and accessories such as your mask, hose, and water reservoir without needing to take any pieces apart.

Through the use of Activated Oxygen, the SoClean Unit can sanitize your CPAP machine daily with very little effort on your part. This machine is universally compatible with ALL CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP systems and will ensure that your CPAP machine will never make you sick or unhealthy.

Cleans your headgear, mask, tubing, and humidifier: virtually your entire CPAP system.

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Make the Easy One-time connection to your CPAP equipment
  2. Set the SoClean Timer
  3. Place your CPAP parts inside the SoClean unit and the machine does the rest.

SoClean Sanitizing Process

As the SoClean unit generates activated oxygen, it's pumped directly into your humidifier reservoir through the hose and fitting that have been connected to your system.

The activated oxygen passes through and sanitizes your reservoir and the water within it, it then travels through your main hose, eliminating germs as it goes.

It passes through your mask and is released into the sealed chamber that holds it. At this point, the interior and exterior of your mask are exposed to and sanitized by the activated oxygen.

The activated oxygen is released by the SoClean - but not before passing through a filter that converts it back into the oxygen we breathe.

All activated oxygen generated by the cleaning process is safely contained within a closed system. Neither the outside environment nor the CPAPs electronics are exposed.

Activated Oxygen

Activated oxygen is formed when a third atom of oxygen (O), is linked to the oxygen we breathe (O2), forming a new molecule (O3). The new molecule has the amazing ability to destroy organisms through oxidation.

While activated oxygen is very powerful, it also has a very short life cycle. After being generated by the SoClean unit, it reverts back into the oxygen we breathe in about two hours time.

Included in the Package

  • (1) SoClean CPAP Machine Sanitizer
  • (1) Neutralizing Pre -Wash
  • (1) Injection hose and fitting
  • (1) SoClean filter (installed) This part only needs to be replaced if it becomes lost or damaged. CAUTION: Do not wash the filter. Washing will make it ineffective.
  • (1) Acrylic Sleeve
  • (1) Check Valve - It is recommended to replace the check valveonce yearly as a preventative measure.
Actual Weight: 8 lbs
Associated Part Numbers: SC1100
Condition: New
Country of Origin: USA
Dimensions: Dimension: 13”l x 6.75”w x 7.25”h
Electrical Requirements: Electrical: 12 Vdc Cord Length 3 ft.
Filters: SoClean filter (installed)
Insurance Codes: E1399
International Shipping: No
Special User Features: Sanitizer
US Shipping Cost: Free
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

SoClean FAQ's

What is SoClean?

SoClean is one of the first CPAP sanitizers on the market. The SoClean uses activated oxygen to kill 99.9% of germs found on your CPAP mask and tube

Will my CPAP equipment be wet from my SoClean?

No. The SoClean sanitizes with activated oxygen. No fluids or water are used in this process.

Is the SoClean harmful to me or the environment?

No. The activated oxygen generator is always kept at a safe level and never reaches the outside environment.

How do I know that my SoClean is truly sanitizing?

After the sanitizing process has been successfully completed, the cycle indicator light will shine green. Your CPAP equipment will have a light, clean scent.

What if the scent the SoClean leaves is too strong for me?

If you have already treated your equipment with the Neutralizing Pre-Wash, and still feel that the scent is too strong, there are a number of things you can do: (1) Before wearing your mask at bedtime, run your CPAP for 20 seconds to allow any residual scent to be blown out. (2) Set the timer so that treatments take place earlier in the day, allowing any residual scent to dissipate by nighttime. (3) Reduce the treatment duration time. You can cut back to as little as 5 minutes and still receive effective sanitizing. (4) Sanitize your equipment every other day instead of daily.

What if my indicator light is shining red or yellow?

This means that the sanitizing process is not yet complete. Please wait until the light shines green to remove your CPAP equipment from the SoClean chamber.

What if my indicator light is not shining after a scheduled cleaning time?

This would indicate that the SoClean did not carry out its scheduled sanitizing. Common reasons for this are that the lid was not securely closed, there was no mask in the chamber at cleaning time or the open hose slot plug is missing or not properly seated.

What if I missed my scheduled sanitizing time, but still wish to sanitize my equipment?

In these instances you can use the Manual feature. See your User Guide on how to do this. (see page 13)

Why does my display say Order Filter Kit?

This message appears approximately every 6 months, depending upon usage, as a reminder to regularly replace the filter and check valve assembly.

Why does my display say Order Filter Kit?

This would indicate that the SoClean did not carry out its scheduled sanitizing. Common reasons for this are that the lid was not securely closed, there was no mask in the chamber at cleaning time or the open hose slot plug is missing or not properly seated.

Are there materials that I should avoid putting into the SoClean?

Nylon and natural rubber break down when exposed to activated oxygen. Most manufacturers typically do not use these materials in their reservoirs, hoses, masks or headgear. If you have questions in this regard, contact your CPAP manufacturer, supplier or Better Rest Solutions.

Will I ever need to wash my CPAP equipment again?

The SoClean is intended to supplement, not replace, the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning their equipment.

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Sanitizes but Ozone Odor is Aweful

by -

Wanting to avoid resporatory issues, my husband & I each bought a SoClean unit. We liked the fact that it cleans everything but had no idea of the ozone odor that it leaves behind. <br><br>FYI... we run both CPAPs for a few hours, after the cleaning cycle, to get rid of most of it but it takes a couple of days to make it tolerable. <br><br>Although we would love to clean our masks everyday, we only place the masks in the SoClean once a week. It has helped.... we haven't had any resporatory problems. But.... neither of us look forward to the odor left behind the first couple of nights after cleaning our masks!!

Easy to use, better respiratory health!

by -

My father has had a CPAP for years and due to his limited mobility never cleaned his CPAP. He always had lower respiratory infections and frequent hospitalizations with Pneumonia. Once we go him set up with the SoClean, his respiratory health improved within weeks and he has been out of the hospital for at least 6 months! Thanks to SoClean!