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Three Types of Sleep Apnea Machines

CPAP Machines

CPAP machines are the oldest model of the bunch, but they are consistently updated. The technology behind these machines is tested and true with years upon years of use by millions of people around the world. Using this machine will give you peace of mind that your sleep apnea is being treated, and your risk for other health issues is significantly reduced. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research reports that about 38,000 deaths every year are related to cardiovascular problems tracing back to sleep apnea. Going without treatment is simply not an option. 

BIPAP Machines

BIPAP works in much of the same way as a CPAP, but many find these machines lighter weight and easier to use over long periods of time. Keep in mind that for a treatment to be effective, you need to use it most if not all of the time you're asleep, depending upon the severity of your condition. On an average night, you may experience up to 60 apneas per hour, so even refusing treatment for one hour continues to put you at risk. 

MAD Treatment

This technology is out there and available, but it has not been tested over long periods of time and can cause other issues. These devices push your lower jaw in a way that makes it less likely that the airway will collapse. It is in no way a 100% effective treatment, and can cause aches and pains in the jaw. But if you are really opposed to or are physically unable to use other treatments for some reason, this is there. 

What do you think about these sleep apnea machines? Is there one that stands out to you? If you already use a sleep apnea machine, what has your experience been like?

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