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More Information

1800CPAP.com purchases new and used CPAP machines from people looking to get a new machine or simply those that are not using their CPAP and looking to sell it. We offer competitve compensation based on a variety of selling points; see the information listed below for instruction and frequently asked questions regarding the sale of your used CPAP or BiPAP/BiLevel machine.

We also purchase CPAP equipment from durable medical equipment companies or sleep labs/centers looking to reduce inventory or are going out of business and looking to liquidate CPAP inventory assests. Please note that equipment received that contains any odors indicating it has been used in a smoking enviroment will be refused.

Frequently asked questions

How Does 1800CPAP.com Determine What My CPAP Machine is Worth?

We consider a number of factors when purchasing used CPAP machines; they are listed as follows:

The make and model of the CPAP machine. Obviously newer CPAP machines are valued higher as well as features of the newer model.
(Example a DS250 is valued less than a DS450).

The condition the CPAP or BiPAP device is in (Please Note any model that has an odor of a smoking enviroment will not be accepted).
The number of used hours on the CPAP device will also determine the value.

How Do I Get Paid From 1800CPAP.COM

We currently offer 2 payment methods for purchasing your CPAP or BiPAP equipment. Please include a letter of payment preferrence when sending your CPAP unit.

Units are inspected for a period of 48-72 hours and payment may be issued between 5-10 business days once it has passed inspection.

  • Payable via check
  • Payable via PayPal

How Do I Get an Estimate From 1800CPAP.com for My CPAP?

We ask that you contact Preowned Purchasing via email at preowned@1800cpap.com and include the following information.

Please do not call for a quote, as we do not give those out without the information listed below. Do not send your CPAP machine in prior to receiving a formal email quote.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your email inquiry.

  1. Photo(s) of the CPAP or BiPAP machine (limit photos to 3 max)
  2. Number of run/blower hours used via the LCD display (units with 5,000 hours or more will not be accepted)
  3. Make/Model of CPAP or BiPAP device
  4. Name of company that supplied the equipment to you (if available)

How Do I Get My CPAP Machine to 1800CPAP.com?

Please securely package your CPAP or BiPAP machine and mail to the following address: (Please do not send in ANY equipment without a formal offer)

Attn: Preowned Purchasing
2908 W US 22-3
Maineville, OH 45039

Which Models of CPAP and BiPAP Machines Are We Are Looking For?

This is a list of the top CPAP machines we are looking to purchase.


  • ResMed AirSense and AirCurve Series
  • ResMed Air Mini Series of CPAP units
  • ResMed S9 Elite, S9 Escape, S9 Escape Auto, S9 AutoSet, S9 VPAP S, S9 VPAP Auto and S9 Adapt

Philips Respironics

  • Please Note: At this time we are not purchasing any Philips Respironics devices.

Other Brands

  • 3B/ReSmart
  • Luna
  • Apex

Humidifers We Purchase

  • ResMed S9 Series H5i
  • ResMed h4i and H3i Humidifiers

Models of CPAP and BiPAP Machines That We Currently DO NOT Accept for Purchase

  • ResMed S8 Elite, S8 Escape, S8 Autoset, VPAP Auto 25, VPAP S
  • Puritain Bennet Models
  • ResMed S7 and S6 Series Models of CPAP and VPAP III
  • HealthDyne Models
  • Respironics M-Series and Older
  • AEIOmed
  • Any Model That Has Been Used in a Smoking Enviroment