Respironics Solo or Aria LX Foam Filter

SKU: CF1002F - 2 Filters


Foam Filters- Solo, Aria LX, Virtuoso or REMstar LX

The Foam Pollen Filters are designed to be used for a period of time while being cleaned every month. After a couple of washes, it is always a good idea to invest in additional filters as you will need to dispose of the Pollen Filters after about 6-9 months of usage. The recommended timeframe between cleaning of the filters depend on how polluted your air is in your home. The filters need to be cleaned more frequently when a CPAP or BiPAP is used in homes with animals that shed or areas that have heavily polluted air. Customers with allergies are also known to use Ultra Fine Filters to add additional filtration before the air is provided to them through the CPAP Machine. A prescription is NOT required to purchase this item!


  • 2 or 6 Pollen Filters

These filters are used specifically with the following Respironics style machines:

  • Respironics REMstar Solo CPAP Machine
  • Respironics REMstar Aria LX CPAP Machine
  • Respironics REMstar Virtuoso LX CPAP Machine
  • Respironics REMstar LX CPAP Machine

The Pollen Foam Filter is to always be placed in the back of the machine following the Ultra Fine Filter (if used) and then the cap if applicable. If you do not use the Ultra Fine Filter, just place the Pollen Foam Filter in the back and then the cap.

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10/3/2020 11:28 pm


by Janice -

Took me forever to find where they were at on my machine and they were a bit of a pain to replace but other than that a great purchase!