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LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushion - 30 Night Pack by Philips Respironics

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Product Overview

LiquiCell cushions works with nasal and full face masks that cover the bridge of the nose. The liquid filled cushion contours to the nose for support and comfort. CPAP mask irritation is one of the leading cause of discontinued use. These cushions are great tool for new users adapting to sleep apnea therapy.

LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushions - 30 Pack

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription.

Product Description

The LiquiCell nasal CPAP cushions gives you that added protection you need to protect the nasal bridge area during your CPAP therapy. The LiquiCell nasal cushion is compatible for both the nasal CPAP mask and the full face CPAP Mask. The Cushions are self-adhesive and create an adaptive barrier that reduces leaks while protecting your skin during sleep. No more skin irritation and sore spots on the bridge of your nose that are very common among CPAP users.

Finally some relieve with the LiquiCell Cushions.

As you move and shift during sleep the liquid inside LiquiCell is in constant motion, adapting with you, flowing to the areas where it is needed most to prevent skin tissues from being stretched or irritated by the movement of your CPAP mask.

Important Note: This product includes 30 single night use LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushions. A mask is not included with this purchase.

Instructions for Use:

  • Wash and dry the area before you apply the cushion.
  • Remove the paper backing by peeling it away completely from the cushion.
  • Place the cushion over the area and firmly press it down onto the skin to apply.
  • If any wrinkles form, remove the cushion and reapply.
  • Apply directly to the bridge of the nose, where most mask friction and movement occurs.

Important Information:

  • Each LiquiCell cushion is intended to be used for one night.
  • LiquiCell cushions are intended for use with nasal and full face mask cushions.
  • They are not compatible with nasal pillow masks.
  • Do not place the LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushion over any pre-existing skin damaged areas such as blisters or open skin.
  • When removing, gently peel the cushion away from the skin. A mild lotion or skin sensitive oil may be used for ease removal.
  • If the area of skin where the cushion has been applied shows any sign of increased irritation, remove, discontinue use, and contact a physician or care provider.
  • Before applying check the cushion for any damage, the liquid inside can be released through punctures.
  • If any liquid should come in contact with the eyes, flush immediately with clean water for 15 minutes. If irritation arises, contact a physician or care provider.

Important Tip: The LiquiCell Cushions can also be used for other applications as well. Apply anywhere on your body where there is irritation or soreness, elbows, ankles, heels, places where clothes or shoes can cause a problem.

Included in this Purchase

  • LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushions - (30 Pack)

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