System One Heated Tube Humidifier-Refurbished

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Refurbished System One Heated Tube Humidifier

Copy of RX Required When Applicable to U.S Residents

This model is Certified Refurbished and only works with the 60 Series of Philips Respironics CPAP and BiPAP models. If you are unsure of your model please contact our staff for assistance, 1-800-274-1366.

Please Note: This product is compatible with the use of a heated tube. Heated hose is NOT included with purchase.

New Product Info Listed Below

Heated tube humidification has been out for a while now, but Philips Respironics has developed the 60 Series line of CPAP and BiPAP Machines that has great features integrated into the machines. The heated tube humidifier provides you with humidity levels at your mask that equal the humidity being provided at the machine. This is important as many times, a patient experiences what is commonly referred to as "rainout" which is where the patient has excess moisture in the mask when waking up or even gets water dripping onto their face. The heated tubing keeps a consistent temperature level and allows for the patient to increase the humidity setting with having less of a chance of "rainout" occurring.

Even with this new technology of a Heated Tube Humidifier, it is still important to keep the machine you are using below your bed level so any additional condensation goes back towards the water chamber and not towards your face.

If you as the consumer have never used humidity and find yourself waking up with a dry mouth or nasal irritation due to dryness, the Heated tube humidifier is a great resource for you to include into your sleep apnea therapy.

The PR System One Water Chamber comes with the purchase of this humidifier. Distilled water should be used to fill your water chamber. This doesn't mean you cannot use tap water on occasion, but it is not recommended because it can decrease the life span of the chamber. Typically, water chambers are replaced every 6 months.

Included In The Package

  • (1) PR System One Heated Tube Humidifier - Certified Refurbished
  • (1) New PR System One 60 Series Water Chamber

Compatibility Of The System One Heated Tube Humidifier

The PR System One Heated Tube Humidifier is only compatible with PR System One 60 Series Machines, a PR System One Heated Tube and an 80 watt Power Supply must be used to use this humidifier.

Compatible PR System One Machines

  • PR System One 60 Series DS260S
  • PR System One 60 Series REMstar Pro C-Flex- Part number DS460S
  • PR System One Auto CPAP Machine DS560S
  • PR System One BiPAP With Bi-Flex DS660S
  • PR System One 60 Series BiPAP Auto With Bi-Flex- Part number DS760S

PR System One Heated Tube Humidifier Features And Benefits

System One Humidity Control

System One Humidity Control has been designed to establish optimum patient comfort and device performance. Patients select one of five dial settings to receive a consistent delivery of relative humidity at the mask to meet their personal needs. For additional comfort, System One now has improved absolute humidity and target relative humidity levels across all humidifier dial settings. In addition, a new classic mode provides the ability to shut off humidity control if desired. Even in changing environmental conditions, consistent humidification levels are preserved throughout each night. System One closely monitors room temperature, room humidity, and flow to determine what is required to maintain the patient-selected humidity level. By controlling relative humidity output at the mask, rainout can be prevented, under most circumstances. With such intelligent control, our other comfort technologies, such as Flex, perform at their peak, providing maximum comfort and encouraging long-term compliance.

DB Sound Levels of the 60 Series With Humidifier

This informational graph shows the PR System One was compared to the ResMed S9 Series machines with and without humidity. You will find that the machine being used without humidity is slightly quieter, but the difference is not enough for you to hear. The minimal amount of noise that is added is far outweighed by the comfort you will experience with the Heated Tube Humidifier. The chart also indicates the levels with Flex added during use. A prescription is required prior to shipment of this product within the United States. If you need assistance with retrieving your prescription, can assist you!

  • Associated Parts: DS6T, 1091399, 1063785, DS260TS, DS460TS, DS560TS, DS660TS, DS760TS, SYS1HT15
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Insurance Codes: E0562
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Water Chamber: Included
  • Travel Sized: Yes
  • US Shipping Cost: Free Standard Ground

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