ResMed H5i Humidifier - Certified Refurbished

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ResMed H5i Heated CPAP Humidifier

Copy of Prescription Required if Applicable to U.S Residents

This ResMed H5i™ Humidifier is a certified refurbished model with the S9 series of CPAP and VPAP™ models. All product information for this model can be found below.

New Product Information Listed Below

The ResMed H5i™ heated humidifier is used with S9 series of CPAP and VPAP™ machines. The S9 series is a well designed advanced platform of therapeutic devices that raised the bar in the sleep industry as the new standard of excellence. The H5i™ heated humidifier plays a major role in the S9 platform with technologically advanced features that compliment the S9 CPAP and VPAP machines in a streamlined way that results in smarter humidification delivery.

Why do you need humidification during therapy?

When you breathe normally, your nose and upper airway add heat and moisture to the air. By the time it reaches your lungs, air should be at body temperature (37°C or 99°F) with 100% relative humidity (44 mg/L).

During therapy, higher air pressure can overwhelm your upper airways ability to heat and humidify the air. Colder, dryer air can cause a sore throat, dry nose, mouth or throat, nasal congestion, and a runny nose.

30 - 70% of patients experience these symptoms.

Included in This Package

  • (1) ResMed H5i™ Heated Humidifier - Certified Refurbished
  • (1) New Standard H5i™ Water Chamber

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Filters: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Hose Tubing: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
  • Complete Mask: Every 9-12 Months (or as needed)
  • Water Chamber: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
  • Warranty: 90 Days
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Insurance Codes: E0562
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Water Chamber: Included
  • Travel Sized: Yes
  • US Shipping Cost: Free Standard Ground

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8/27/2019 3:55 pm


by Mike (Denver) -

I never had humidification and struggled for a year on cpap. I got this new machine from a friend but it didn't have the humidifier. i bought the humidifier here per rob's recommendation. It is like my allergies don't exist. I can now sleep through the night.. It is like a spa on my face. So much more comfortable with humidity!