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Order S9 VPAP Adapt with H5i and Climate Control

Finding a place to buy a ResMed S9 VPAP™ Adapt (part numbers 36007, 36017, and 36027) and get a good price can be as rare finding that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with a leprechaun sitting on top of a unicorn. This is a type of device manufacturers prefer not to be sold from webstore companies. The fact that hardly anyone online sells them leaves a consumer wondering how much these VPAP devices must cost. Well if you are going through insurance, they may be billed as high as $8,500.00 but if you look long and hard enough, they can be found online for as little as $4,000-$4,500. And rather than waiting until the end of this blog to tell you where you can get them, I'm just going to tell you now. Call 1-800-274-1366 and speak with one of our customer service agents about ordering a ResMed S9 VPAP™ Adapt.

Central Sleep Apnea Treatment and Causes

The past few years have revealed a significant increase in the diagnosis of Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) and Complex Sleep Apnea (CompSA). Many different factors contribute to the increase in these diagnosis; an uptick in public awareness of sleep apnea, escalating use of opiates, pain medication (i.e. opioid induced) and congestive heart failure (CHF). The recommended treatment by most physicians is the use of an adaptive pressure support servo-ventilator (i.e. VPAP Adapt SV or BiPAP Auto SV).

Central Sleep Apnea Treatment Options Through Therapy Devices

Most sleep physician's recommended device used to treat this unique form of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing is the Philips Respironics BiPAP AutoSV or the ResMed VPAP Adapt SV. Both manufacturers have proven research data showing successful outcomes with the use of these therapy devices and I have seen both devices in use with positive results, however these complex devices do come with a large price tag.

The average billable costs using your health insurance is typically around $8000.00 (take a deep breath from sticker shock). This typically prompts many users to look for less expensive alternatives (i.e. internet searches). Purchasing power through the internet will often times save the user money (about half) on their CPAP supplies but what they do not have is the availability of an on-site respiratory therapist should the patient struggle. For this reason, some manufacturers do not permit the sale of certain respiratory devices online.

Where Can I buy ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt or BiPAP Auto SV?

Stay away from auction sites (meaning person to person sales); most times you may be purchasing a device without warranty, non transferable warranty or expired warranty. Craigslist, EBAY, Amazon, and other sites are not the recommended to purchase CPAP and related supplies. For more information, feel free to contact Jason Smith, RPSGT at 1-800-274-1366