SoClean Inc. established the first automated CPAP cleaner after realizing the need for a CPAP mask and machine cleaner. SoClean has taken away the hassle of sanitizing your CPAP supplies by hand and automated the process for you. Cleaning CPAP supplies is an important aspect in ensuring optimal operation of your CPAP Machine. Obstructive sleep apnea affects 1 billion people globally, 80% of whom use a CPAP Machine. CPAP Machines average cost is $850 and last 3-5 years however, the SoClean will save you more money long-term. Disinfecting your CPAP supplies on a regular basis increases the performance of your CPAP Machine by removing bacteria build-up.

SoClean Inc. is among the most decorated CPAP manufacturers in North America. In 2017, they won the Innovation Award by the Small Business Association of New England. Bacteria build-up can harm your CPAP Machine but more importantly your health. SoClean Inc., in 2018, ranked 54th on the fastest growing companies in North America according to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, growing by 2,805%. SoClean Inc. allows users to focus more on a quality night of sleep rather than if their CPAP supplies need to be cleaned. Shop SoClean products with peace of mind!