Your Ultimate Checklist for Mask Leaks

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August 22, 2022 8:45:04 AM PDT August 22, 2022 8:45:04 AM PDTnd, August 22, 2022 8:45:04 AM PDT

Sleep apnea can increase your risk of suffering from several potentially serious health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression. If you have sleep apnea, your doctor may have already advised you to use a CPAP machine.

But if you are looking forward to this treatment and then find your mask is leaking, this can be frustrating. Excessive leakage can also lower the effectiveness of your CPAP machine, and your airways could continue to collapse while you sleep.

This is why it is crucial to understand where your CPAP mask leaks are coming from, allowing you to implement solutions as quickly as possible.

Keep reading to learn more. 

How to Find CPAP Mask Leaks

Your mask will have an exhalation port to remove CO2, and it's essential that gas leaves through this vent. But, if you feel air escaping from other areas, you need to check where the leak is coming from.

Lie down normally with your mask in position and determine if you can feel the air leaving your mask around areas such as your nose, cheeks, or below your lip. This should not be the case and could indicate a mask leak.

CPAP Mask Leak Solutions

After finding out where your mask leak is coming from, there are several steps you can take to ensure you receive the maximum CPAP mask benefits. You may only need to carry out one of these actions or use multiple solutions.  

CPAP Mask Adjustment

Take your CPAP mask off before placing it back onto your face in its normal position. You can also adjust the straps, being careful not to make them too tight. 

This step could solve the issue if the mask was not quite in the correct position. 

Change an Ill-Fitting CPAP Mask

If you've repositioned your mask and there is still leakage, it could be that your mask isn't the right fit. At, our staff can give expert guidance that is backed by staff physicians to help you find the best mask for your needs.

Check the Age of Your CPAP Mask

Your mask cushion may need to be replaced every fortnight, and CPAP masks can last around 3-6 months. If you are using older equipment, this could be the cause of mask leakage.

Clean Your CPAP Mask

If your CPAP mask cushion picks are dirty, this could create gaps between the mask and your skin and allow air to escape. Be sure to wash your face before putting on your mask, and wipe the cushion down each morning after use. 

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Preventing CPAP mask leaks is essential to ensure your airways are receiving the right level of air pressure to treat your sleep apnea.  

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