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SleepStyle Auto CPAP by F&P - Certified Refurbished

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Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

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SleepStyle™ Auto Adjusting CPAP Machine - Certified Refurbished

Copy of RX Required if Applicable to U.S Residents

New Product Information Listed Below

The wait is over! The new Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle™ Auto CPAP machine is now available. This premium CPAP device offers all the bells and whistles for ultimate therapy (see features below). Fisher & Paykel has always been the industry leader when it comes to heated humidification and the ThermoSmart CPAP tubing promotes proper humidification throughout the tube. Studies have show that the use of heated humidity can actually reduce the needed PAP pressure. Why is this important? Many first time CPAP users complain that a higher pressure makes CPAP less tolerable and thus many new users will discontinue therapy as a result. Another factor in achieving CPAP compliance is the comfort of the mask interface. Fisher & Paykel offers lightweight comfortable models in all mask category classifications. You can select a FitPack kit (includes all cushion sizes) to help you get the most out of your CPAP therapy.

Important Note: Every Certified Refurbished CPAP Machine comes with a 90 day limited warranty however, you can extend your warranty out to an entire year for ONLY $99.00!

Features of the F&P SleepStyle™ Auto CPAP Machine

  • World-class obstructive sleep apnea treatment with Fisher & Paykel auto-adjusting pressure algorithm
  • Comprehensive range of comfort options – ThermoSmart™ humidification, SensAwake™ and expiratory relief
  • A new lightweight ThermoSmart AirSpiral™ breathing tube*
  • Simple to set up and start
  • The only CPAP with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation
  • Easy-access water chamber for easy cleaning and filling
  • Quiet performance and a fully integrated humidifier
  • Instant access to your sleep data
  • Your progress can be tracked online using the SleepStyle App and Web**
  • Compact carry-bag to take your F&P SleepStyle device and mask with you when on the go
  • Works in harmony with Fisher & Paykel high-performance CPAP masks including the Simplus™, Brevida™, and Eson™ 2.*
  • 20% lighter than the previous F&P ThermoSmart tube. ** Not available in all countries.

What Makes the SleepStyle Great?

Auto-adjusting algorithm

World-class obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s auto-adjusting pressure algorithm.

ThermoSmart™ Humidification with AirSpiral™ Technology

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s world-class ThermoSmart humidification with AirSpiral technology is designed to deliver you a comfortable experience with your therapy. The new ThermoSmart breathing tube with AirSpiral technology has an insulating spiral and a heating spiral which are designed to work together to minimize condensation and reduce heat loss.

Now 20% lighter than the previous ThermoSmart tube, the new ThermoSmart tube with AirSpiral technology has been designed to reduce the pull on your mask to promote comfort and stability.


Exclusive to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, SensAwake technology works automatically throughout the night to detect periods of wakefulness, and reduces the pressure to a more comfortable level, easing the return to sleep.

Expiratory Relief

Feel the comfort with every breath. Expiratory relief is designed to automatically relieve air pressure every time you breathe out, to make breathing more comfortable.

So simple, you can use it in your sleep.

Simplicity is woven into the design of the F&P SleepStyle. Every detail has been considered to make it easy for you to use. In just a few steps, you’ll be on your way to starting therapy.

Easy-Access Chamber

A simple push of the button on the lid of the SleepStyle gives access to the water chamber, which is easy to clean and fill.

Simple Menu and Large Buttons

A simple menu and large easy-to-press buttons allow for easy adjustments to your therapy. Or simply just press the large Start/Stop button to begin therapy.

Quiet Performance and Compact

With the power pack and humidifier integrated into the design, the SleepStyle has a small footprint for a fully featured CPAP device and takes up minimal space on your bedside table. A convenient carry-bag is included also, to make it easy for you to carry your device and mask with you when you travel.

Don’t be kept in the dark when you wake up.

The F&P SleepStyle App and Web* visualizes your CPAP therapy, simply.

  • Instantly see your therapy data on the app after each session.
  • Track your therapy progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Receive alerts to common therapy issues and get guidance on how to resolve these.

* Not available in all countries

Included with Purchase:

  • (1) Refurbished F&P SleepStyle Auto CPAP
  • (1) Carry-bag
  • (1) New ThermoSmart™ Hose with AirSpiral technology
  • (1) Power cord – North American plug
  • (1) New Water chamber
  • (1) F&P InfoUSB™ (already in the device)
  • (1) New Air filter (already in the device)
  • (1) F&P SleepStyle Use and Care Guide
  • (1) F&P SleepStyle Quick Reference Guide
  • (1) Spare elbow (for use with a standard breathing tube)

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8/21/2019 1:22 am


by Robin (UK) -

This machine has been in the UK for a few months and my sleep clinic issued to me in September. In general I'm happy, it is very quiet and the algorithms seem to work well for me giving low AHI. The instant readout on my cellphone app is clear and useful, but compared with my previous Intellipap there are two facilities missing from an upmarket machine: - No auto on or off - No dc input resulting in being unable to use my battery for power failure backup or use on flights.