Transcend 365 miniCPAP P10 Battery

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Transcend P10 Battery for 365 miniCPAP Machine

The Transcend P10 Battery offers you the same features of a full-size CPAP and humidifier in a travel-size system. Traveling off the grid or just using for a power back-up for a power outage. The P10 Battery is intended to be used with the humidification system on the Transcend 365 miniCPAP Auto Travel Machine with Humidifier. No need to disconnect the humidifier when you're not connected to an outlet. This allows you to use the water-based humidification any time, any place, or anywhere!

Battery Features and Benefits

  • Powers Transcend 365 miniCPAP AND heated humidifier: Transcend P10 Battery is designed to work with the Transcend 365 only and will not work with any other machine. It can be charged using the Transcend 365 Universal AC Power Supply.
  • Profile: Slim, light weight, portable
  • Stackable with 365 miniCPAP and humidifier: The design allows you to neatly stack the P10 Battery under the CPAP and humidifier for a minimal profile on the nightstand.
  • Rechargeable with AC power supply: The P10 Battery is designed to use the Universal AC Power Cord to charge the battery. It typically takes about 7 hours to charge the battery. A full battery charge is indicated when all the lights on the battery turn green.
  • Reliable backup power source during power outages: The battery can be used as a convenient battery backup, powering your Transcend 365 in the event of a power failure or outage. It's smart enough to recognize when outlet power has been cut off, perfect for storm season or other emergencies.
  • FAA Compliant: It's FAA compliant for in-flight use. This allows you to take it through security and once boarded you are able to use.
  • Run Time: The Transcend 365 can run for up to 5.81 hours with the humidifier connected on a pressure setting of 12. When not using humidification, you can get up to 26 hours of therapy at the same pressure setting.

Important Note: Specific factors such as altitude, pressure settings and humidification settings will affect the run time of the battery.

Charging the Battery The P10 Battery is designed to use the Universal AC Power Cord. It typically takes about 7 hours to charge the battery. Once the lights on the battery turn green, you know that the battery is fully charged!

Included with this Purchase

  • (1) Transcend P10 Battery
  • Mode of Operation: Industrial grade genuine LG rechargeable lithium ion cells
  • Special Features: Permanent backup power or portable travel battery
  • FAA Approved: Yes, this product meets FAA regulations
  • DC Power: Rated Output: DC 12V, 6.67A
  • AC Power: Rated Input: 12V, 60W (NORMAL), 80W (MAX)
  • Actual Weight: 1.55 lbs
  • US Shipping Cost: Free
  • Dimensions: 26cm x12cm x 5cm
  • Battery Power: 18.0 VDC, 5,200 mAH 93.6 Wh
  • RX Required?: No
  • Associated Parts: 503098
  • Insurance Codes: E1399
  • Material Content: Aluminum
  • Condition: New
  • Recharge Time: 7 hrs.
  • Battery Life: 300 charge cycles

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9/29/2020 8:46 pm

Must have for travelers

by Tobi Y -

I travel to see my grandkids a lot so this little thing is perfect for travel as a back up power unit. Makes travelling much easier.