DreamPort Adhesive Patches 16 Night Supply

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Bleep Dreamport Adhesive Patch

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The Dreamport disposable Adhesive Patches are used with the New Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Interface Kit. The Dreamports are recyclable; however, the DreamPort Adhesive Patches are disposable and single-use only. In a box of 32, patients have enough to last for a few weeks!

Preparing the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution is easy and convenient, adding only a few minutes to your nighttime routine and allowing you to perform activities like reading or watching TV in bed without the common obstructions that come from CPAP usage.

How the Bleep DreamPort Adhesive Patches are Different

Unlike a full face CPAP mask, the Bleep DreamPort has a compact interface that uses DreamPort adhesive patches to hold it snugly against the nostrils. There’s no headgear to fumble with or get tangled in. The Bleep DreamPorts adhesive patches just snap onto the interface and when the paper backing is peeled off, they can be gently pressed to your nostrils and provide the ideal breathing support.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

The box contains 32 patches and they’re all recyclable once the tape has been removed from your nose. They’re hypoallergenic and disposable to protect your skin and save you time. And the DreamPorts are recyclable, too. And while the strips are hypoallergenic, it’s still important to be watchful in case there’s a skin reaction, although this is uncommon.

The Bleep Dreamport Patches are hypoallergenic, disposable, and are single-use only. The strips are hypoallergenic to minimize skin irritation. The small breathing ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed. A box contains 32 patches for 16 nights of use with the Bleep’s CPAP unit.


Some CPAP patients prefer to avoid a full face mask. Choosing a DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP frees them from what can feel claustrophobic to some sleepers. It also minimizes the skin irritations that sometimes come with traditional mask use. The DreamPort features a shorter and lightweight hose with a small interface that sits directly against the nostrils, held in place with the Bleep DreamPort adhesive patch, with two for one night’s worth of use.

Because they’re hypoallergenic and disposable, these solutions offer patients a clean feeling every night and time-savings since there’s no in-depth cleaning and maintenance to be done. Once the tape has been removed from the Bleep Dreamport Patches, they’re disposable and are single use so they can be tossed away.

Usage Tips

For optimal results using the Bleep DreamPorts adhesive patches, make sure the nose is clean and free from any oils, makeup, or dirt, as this can impact the quality of the Bleep DreamPort adhesive patches' seal. For best results, consider using Bleep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads, to make sure the nose is completely clean and ready for use with the Bleep DreamPort adhesive patches.

Avoid cleaning the nose with soap, as some soaps have lotion, and can impact the seal of the adhesive. Avoid using single-use adhesive patches for more than one night. The DreamPorts adhesive patches 32-pack is a convenient size that lasts more than two weeks.

The DreamPorts adhesive patches 32-count box can provide CPAP users with a simple and comfortable sleep apnea solution. They're easy to use and require minimal effort to maintain for nightly treatment. Order your CPAP mask today and start sleeping better soon!

Included with this Purchase

  • (1) Box of 32 Adhesive Patches (16 Night Supply)

Optional Accessories

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Cushion: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Headgear: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
  • Complete Mask: Every 9-12 Months (or as needed)
  • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Special Features: Disposable Adhesive Patches
  • RX Required?: No
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Associated Parts: 100379
  • Insurance Codes: A7033
  • Material: Low-Density Polyethyline (Plastic), and Adhesive Foam

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8/20/2019 11:13 pm


by Gerald (Tennessee) -

This will change everything for those who can use nasal only cpap solutions. This works just as well as advertised and I gave it it’s trial run on an 2 week visit to Italy. My only complaint (and it has nothing to do with function) is that a hard case solution would be convenient for the Dreamports. The paperboard box is easily crushed in luggage, and can release them from the sticker paper causing them to perhaps to stick to each other making them unusable. I’d suggest a small flattish Tupperware type container for travel. Other than that? These things are perfect!