Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner: Sanitizing Companion

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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitation Companion Kit

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Product Description

Our state-of-the-art Sleep8 CPAP cleaner eliminates the need to disassemble the components of your CPAP mask, which can be bothersome. Plus, there’s always the danger of damaging the parts while disassembling them. The safest way to sanitize your CPAP mask is to use our waterless activated oxygen system. This technology makes it possible to clean all the nooks and crannies that manual cleaning and UV light sanitation have trouble reaching. It also comes with a 30-day trial. If you’re not satisfied, contact us for a full store credit.

The Sleep8 sanitation kit for your CPAP mask, tubing and water chamber tub use the water-less activated oxygen system that kills more than 99% of germs, sanitizing areas UV light can’t reach. The result is a CPAP kit that’s clean, travel-friendly, and comfortable to use. Now with a 30 day trial! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied contact us for a full store credit.

Included With This Purchase

  • (1) Sleep8 Device - This machine uses our new waterless technology and non-heated tubing to completely sanitize your CPAP supplies such as your CPAP hose and mask all at once.
  • (1) Sanitizing Bag- Where the magic happens. Connect your device to the filtered Sleep8 bag for simple and safe sanitation of all CPAP machines and components.
  • (1) Device Charger - You need to charge your device using the micro USB charger. However, overcharging is always a risk, so make sure you don’t leave it charging for long periods.

How it Works: 3 Easy Steps

  • Connect the CPAP Tubing Inside the Bag - Unzip the bag and find the round valve inside. Detach the tubing from your CPAP machine and attach it to the valve. Put all CPAP tubing, nosepiece and dry chamber inside the bag and zip it closed.
  • Connect Outside the Bag - Slide the device's triangular shaped port onto the triangular shaped valve on the outside of the bag. It should be a snug fit. The device will only work if there is a secure connection.
  • Press Start and Relax - Press the power button on your CPAP cleaner until you hear a beep and see the Sleep8 screen light up. The screen will count down until the sanitation is complete. It is normal to hear the fan oscillate and pause for short periods. When it is done, it will shut off automatically.

Charging Your Sleep8 Device

When you notice the battery is low, plug it in using the Sleep8 charger that is included. You cannot overcharge your device. Once plugged in, it will beep once, the screen will dim and the battery icon will show the charging progress. Once the icon shows four full bars, your Sleep8 is fully charged and ready to disinfect your CPAP machine. A fully charged battery will last 2-3 complete sanitation cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need to sanitize my CPAP?

A: Sleep8 recommends that all PAP machine water chambers, tubing, and masks be sanitized daily to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growing in these that can lead to respiratory sickness. Bacteria can multiply exponentially even within 24 hours.

Q: What needs to go in the bag to be sanitized?

A: You are able to safely sanitize the entire CPAP machine, but if you can remove the water chamber, only that needs to be sanitized, along with the mask and tubing. If you choose to clean your water chamber, please be sure to remove and empty and dry the water chamber thoroughly before placing in your Sleep8 bag.

Q: Can Sleep8 sanitize my BiPAP?

A: Yes. Sleep8 can be used to sanitize any PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) device and all accessories, including the mask, as well as heated or non-heated tubing.

Q: Can Sleep8 sanitize heated tubing with no additional adapters?

A: Yes. Sleep8 will safely sanitize all CPAP tubing, heated and non-heated. It can even sanitize the competitors adapters. You will never need adapters with Sleep8.

Q: Can I travel with the Sleep8 system?

A: Yes. Sleep8 is portable and can be easily packed in a suitcase or carry-on bag for air travel.

Q: How long can I use the filtered bag?

A: Sleep8 recommends changing your bag when you change your CPAP supplies, or every 90 days.

Q: Should I wash the Sleep8 bag?

A: If the bag becomes soiled, you may wipe it clean with a dry cloth. The bag contains a filter that cannot get wet. The Sleep8’s activated oxygen system fully sanitizes whatever is in the bag, as well as the interior of the bag itself.

Q: How do I clean the Sleep8 device?

A: If the device becomes soiled, you may wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do not get the device wet, as doing so will void the warranty.

Q: What is the black rectangle near the top of the bag?

A: This is a charcoal filter. It safely filters the activated oxygen that is pumped into the bag during the sanitization process.

Q: What is the white circle port/button on the filtered bag and why does air come out of it?

A: This is where the filtered air is released from the bag during the sanitization process.

Q: Does the filtered bag inflate?

A: The Sleep8 bag may or may not inflate depending on how quickly the air is going out of the bag’s filter.

Q: May I use a different mini USB cord charger?

A: Voltage capacities can be different on other chargers. Therefore, Sleep8 cannot warranty the device if it is charged using a non-Sleep8 charger.

Q: What is covered under the Sleep8 warranty?

A: The Sleep8 device warranty covers manufacturer defects for 18 months; the charger warranty covers manufacturer defects for 1 year; and the bag warranty covers manufacturer defects for up to 3 months.

Q: Why is there a “clean” scent on my mask after sanitizing?

A: The second cycle of the sanitizing process is a fresh air flush to remove any scent. However, some of the the harmless "clean" scent may remain. It is sometimes described as similar to the outside air after a heavy rain or thunderstorm. It is from the sanitizing agent “activated oxygen,” also known as ozone or trioxygen, due to the fact that it is comprised of three oxygen atoms. Just leave it outside the bag for a while if more of a fresh air flush is needed. This poses no safety risk to you.

Q: What is ozone?

A: Ozone is the sanitizing agent “activated oxygen,” also known as trioxygen, due to the fact that it is comprised of three oxygen atoms.

Q: Is ozone safe?

A: Yes. Once ozone, or “activated oxygen” comes in contact with the air it quickly dissipates. When it is concentrated and safely contained within the Sleep8 bag, it works as a sanitizing agent to kill live bacteria and any living particles, even insects. The Sleep8 device will only function when the Sleep8 filtered bag is correctly attached.

Q: Can a whole CPAP machine be cleaned with Sleep8?

A: Yes, Sleep8 will sanitize all items zipped into the filtered bag. However, only the mask, tubing and water chamber are necessary because they are the only parts that contain or carry moist air.

Q: Can Sleep8 be used to clean the water chamber?

A: Yes. If the water chamber is removable, it should be added to the filtered bag for sanitizing.

Q: Can Sleep8 sanitize my mask and headgear, even when other cleaners cannot?

A: Yes, Sleep8 will fully sanitize any CPAP mask and straps, including the Fit Lift Mask by Philips Respironics.

Q: Can Sleep8 make my CPAP machine last longer?

A: Not necessarily. Sleep8 is designed to sanitize your CPAP equipment and accessories, not extend the life of them. For a general guideline on when to reorder CPAP equipment, see below for Medicare’s schedule or call your insurance company to see when you would be eligible for new supplies. (Many insurance companies follow Medicare’s resupply schedule)

Q: Can an HSA or FSA account be used?

A: Yes, you can use your HSA or FSA account. We are payable under 9274.

CPAP Item Replacement Frequency

  • CPAP Mask - ‍Every 3 Months
  • CPAP Headgears - Every 3-6 months
  • CPAP Tubing - Every 3 months
  • Disposable Filter - 2 new filters every month
  • Non-disposable Filters - 2 new filters every 6 months
  • CPAP Chin Strap - Every 6 months
  • Full Face Mask - Every 3 months
  • Oral CPAP Mask - Every 3 months
  • Humidifier Chamber - Every 6 months
  • CPAP Machine - Every 3-5 years or as necessary
  • Device warranty: 18 Months
  • Charger Warranty: 12 Months
  • Sleep 8 Bag Warranty: 3 Months
  • Filters: Charcoal; non replaceable
  • DC Power: Uses Micro USB Power Adapter
  • US Shipping Costs: Free
  • RX Required: No
  • Insurance Codes: FSA Payable Code 9274
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special User Features: Sanitizes using Ozone
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

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9/24/2022 3:51 pm

Perfect for cleaning what needs to be cleaned - and not the inside of the machine!

by Doug -

Used to use the larger Ozone machine hooked up to my CPAP, however my new machine's manufacturer will void the warranty if I continue to use with the new one. All I needed was the peace of mind for my tubing mainly as I wipe down my mask daily and use distilled water for chamber. Regardless, being able to use my Sleep8 on just the items I replace regularly way from the actual machine is perfect! Oh, and for those who complain about the smell, it's ozone - plug your device in and let it run or wipe your mask down with a citrus CPAP wipe and you will be fine. I've never had any issues. Just expect it, but it definitely goes away after you clean and starting using it that night. It's mainly coming from the tubing. Get some air through there from the machine and it's all good.

8/17/2021 9:48 am

CPAP mask or gas mask.

by David -

Purchased in February 2021. Its a sanitizer, not a cleaner.
I use this Ozone unit it for tubes & mask.
Honestly, what come out stinks too highly from Ozone to possibly reuse anytime soon. I hang each tube & mask up for about a month & then wash again in a eucalyptus based disinfectant, before using.
In future I'm just going to soak & clean with the disinfectent.
I don't recommend it.