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Yuwell is one of the newest manufacturers of CPAP and respiratory products to hit the market. All of their CPAP masks are universal to work with any brand of CPAP machine! While supply chain issues have made the most popular manufacturers to increase their price to the consumer, Yuwell has created a product line similar in design to all the top branded masks at a fraction of the cost. Some of these sleep apnea products include up to five same size cushion seal replacements which is essentially a one-year supply. All masks use magnetic free clips and use a honeycomb vent design to offer a quiet night of sleep

AmeriFlex Comfort Masks

The AmeriFlex Comfort family includes a nasal and full-face style interface. Both of these masks are available for purchase in individual single size or bundle packs. The bundle packs are a great option because they include 5 additional cushions that are the same size. That’s like getting a free year supply of replacement seals! The AmeriFlex Comfort nasal is similar in design to the ResMed Mirage FX and Philips Respironics Pico. The AmeriFlex Comfort Full can be best described like the popular Fisher Paykel Simplus.

AmeriFlex Comfort Masks

The BreathWear series of masks include a nasal, full face and pillow style. The nasal is a design similar to the ResMed AirFit N20 while the full face and pillow style could be compared to the AirFit F20 and P10. All of the BreathWear series offer a clear view to read or watch television while acclimating to your CPAP pressure. These masks include a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

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