Resmed H5i Heated Humidifier and Parts

Using the ResMed S9 H5i Heated Humidifier, a CPAP machine that features a heated humidifier with climate control can help alleviate some of the more common complaints about CPAP therapy, like dryness and congestion. By ensuring the air you receive through your mask has enough moisture in it, you can wake without the irritated nasal passages that some users experience.

Why Choose a Humidifier with Climate control

Climate control puts the power of your CPAP machine in your hands. The conditions of your bedroom can vary from season to season and even day-to-day. The temperature and humidity of the air generated by your ordinary CPAP device may not be ideal for your comfort level. The ResMed S9 H5i heated humidifier with climate control, water chamber, and special tubing allows you to adjust the level of heat and humidity of the air that comes through the ClimateLine tubing to optimal levels. When your CPAP therapy allows you to feel at ease while ensuring sufficient rest, it can help motivate patients to continue using the CPAP therapy for long-term positive results.

How Breathing Therapy Helps

When you have trouble sleeping at night and waking in the morning feeling rested, it could be because breathing issues are to blame. Working with your doctor it may be determined that pressurized breathing therapy can be the best solution to treat your symptoms. Having a machine like the ResMed S9 H5i heated humidifier provides users with therapeutic pressurized air with custom heat and humidity levels to improve the sensation of natural breathing while also keeping nasal passages appropriately hydrated.

Talk to Your Physician

Ask your physician for the prescription required to try ResMed’s S9 H5i humidifier to enjoy relief from dryness with the S9 AutoSet. Discuss with your doctor your concerns about nasal irritation and dryness that this kind of CPAP device can help resolve. Your doctor can help you determine which CPAP machine can best meet your needs. The ResMed S9 offers several features for users that allow them to rest completely and in full comfort.

Key Benefits

The ResMed H5i humidifier CPAP machine delivers the required prescription pressure. With proper humidification, you’ll enjoy greater comfort as you sleep. It’s designed to run on standard household power and the ClimateLine tube to provide the right levels of heat and humidity automatically. The provided water chamber can be cleaned and filled for prime performance and to ensure proper humidification throughout the ClimateLine tubing. The S9 CPAP can be paired with a standard mask for a restful night’s sleep.

Easy Shopping and Delivery

Shop our selection of the ResMed H5i Heated Humidifier and H5i standard and cleanable water chambers. The H5i Humidifier works with the ResMed S9 Series of CPAP machines. The ResMed H5i Heated Humidifier comes with a standard water chamber and the option to purchase an easy-to-use, cleanable water chamber that’s dishwasher safe for convenient and easy cleaning by the patient. Replacement materials, optional parts, and accessories are also available for the heated humidifier machines, including the S9 Elite model. Enjoy free shipping.

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