Water Chamber for ResMed CPAP

ResMed water chambers are the tanks used to hold water for the humidifier of the AirSense™ S9 or S8 series of CPAP and VPAP machines. The humidifier function on these products consistently earns a high rating from users due to the comfort they provide.

Why Choose a CPAP Humidifier Machine

When the CPAP machine generates pressurized air to keep your airways open during sleep, it can be very drying for your nasal cavity. This can cause discomfort which makes some customers less likely to use their device as often as prescribed. By choosing a humidifying machine, the pressurized air that’s produced is generated with a specific humidity level. By adding moisture to the air that comes through the face mask, the CPAP machine helps reduce the dry feeling and irritation that other machines can leave you with.

ResMed Water Chamber Features

The special water chamber products made by ResMed are designed for ResMed CPAP and VPAP machines. They can be installed quickly and are easily removable for maintenance. They’re made of user-friendly plastic that’s marked with fill-lines, making it simple to prepare them for use before you go to sleep.

Easy Clean

These parts have no special cleaning requirements. Simply change the water daily and use distilled water for the best results. Regular upkeep helps clear away the mineral buildup that can interfere with the performance of the machine.

Dishwasher Safe

Some ResMed water chamber tubs should be hand washed while others are dishwasher safe. The dishwasher may provide an increased level of sanitization due to the heated cleaning that reaches higher temperatures compared to hand-washing. Using the dishwasher is also convenient for many people.

Travel Tips

Some users will want to take their CPAP machines when leaving home for travel, such as for business or vacations. Simply empty the water chamber before packing it and you’ll be able to enjoy using it wherever you set up your CPAP. The tub is small, so you can even fit it in with extra items you pack in your CPAP travel bag.


Like many other CPAP accessory items, the CPAP chamber is meant to be replaced regularly. Most manufacturers provide guidance in their user manuals for how often these parts should be swapped out, but a good rule is every 3-6 months. Some users with special needs may need to change them out more often. It’s a wise idea to have a spare one on-hand to eliminate the hassle of trying to replace it quickly in an emergency.

No Prescription Needed

Because there’s no need to visit your physician for a special prescription to buy a CPAP water chamber for your air therapy device, you can select one as needed and choose the model that best fits your machine and your preferences. There’s no delay or hassle involved in making a doctor’s appointment or securing other approvals before making your purchase.

Contact us today for customer service assistance that will ensure you get the right water chambers for your CPAP unit with humidifier function. Discover how great it feels to get a good night’s sleep with a CPAP humidifier and accessories that deliver comfortable and reliable positive air pressure therapy night after night. See why these products get a high rating from users for their easy-care design and effective. performance.

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