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Bongo Rx Sleep Apnea Therapy Device Starter Kit

Product Description

Bongo Rx is a CPAP alternative that eliminates the use of a CPAP machine, mask, or hose. This all-new device is an FDA cleared, prescription sleep apnea therapy device that specializes in treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in patients who naturally breathe through their nose. This starter kit comes with 4 soft, replacement nasal seals, 1 of each size: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, allowing you to find the most comfortable fitting nasal seal. Replacement seals will need to be purchased every 90 days to continue receiving the full benefits of the Bongo Rx.

Please Note: This device will NOT work effectively if you have an AHI above 30 which is referred to as Severe Sleep Apnea. AHI is the number of pauses in breathing per hour plus the number of periods of shallow breathing per hour.

If you already know your size or do not need a full starter kit, we also offer single sized nasal cone replacements.

Copy of RX Required if Applicable
Can't find your RX? Not a problem. Our staff can contact your provider to avoid any delays. Go ahead and place your order and a member of our staff will contact you regarding your preferred method. It's that easy!

How Does it Work

Bongo Rx uses a simple method that mimics your typical breathing patterns.

  • When inhaling, inhalation, small valves open allowing you to breathe normally through the device.
  • When you breathe out, exhalation, the same valves close and direct the air through small vents that generate EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure). EPAP keeps your airway open until you inhale again.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for Travel - Eliminate the worry of not having enough room for your sleep apnea devices when traveling. Small and discreet, the Bongo Rx comes in a conveniently portable case that holds everything you need and fits in the pocket of your shirt!
  • Sleep Apnea Alternative Therapy - Reduce the need to use a CPAP machine, mask, electricity or batteries. No power is required to use this device meaning you receive the benefits even on an outdoor adventure. Find your nasal seal size, attach and you are ready to use the device!
  • Reusable - Easily clean the nasal cones with soap and water to extend the life and effectiveness of the device. After 90 days you will need to purchase a Annual Replenishment Unit in your preferred size which includes 1 single-sized nasal cone replacement.
  • Ease of Use - Use the Bongo Rx at home, on the road traveling, or camping with your family. No assembly is required to use this device meaning you can easily apply it in the middle of the night with no hassle. You can even leave the Bongo Rx on if you get up to use the restroom with the convenient headgear option!
  • Optional Headgear - Utilize the comfortable headgear that is included with the Bongo Rx Starter Kit. If you are afraid that the nasal seals might fall out when you are asleep, this headgear strap offers a more secure fit by reducing the possibility of the seals shifting. The headgear is NOT required to use this device however, it will assist you in securing a tight seal.

Instructions for Use

  1. Gently fit the silicone seal into your nostrils and breathe naturally. Start with the smallest size first and work your way up until you find the most secure fit.
  2. Test each replacement seal by placing your thumbs on the bottom of the device and exhaling. You should not feel any air leaks between your nose and the device.
  3. Once you have found the best seal, you are ready to achieve a relaxed night of sleep!

Included With This Purchase

  • (4) Replacement Seals (1 of each size)
  • (1) Travel Case
  • (1) Drying Stand
  • (1) Headgear
  • (1) Instruction Manual

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews

4/26/2021 7:15 pm

Changed my life

by T Lord -

I used my wifes Bongo Rx from the large selection they gave us and just finally got my own. My physician is now trying it for himself. I have 2 CPAP machines and a large bed side drawer full of face masks I absolutely cannot use to fall asleep. I was dying. I have had two heart attacks and would have paid a million dollars for something that worked. The Inspire surgery was approved in 2019 and reduced my apneas a little. They wanted me back on my machine but her Bongo Rx worked so well that my doctor had me bring one to the hotel for the sleep test. The before and after was remarkable enough that I got the thumbs up for my own prescription and now have 2 years worth by my bedside. This little pronged insert is a game changer. Sometimes I forget to switch on my Inspire and my Bongo Rx’s still gives me a great night sleep. Make sure you get a good fit so they don't fall out( we only had the one head strap for the first 6 months between the both of us.

4/24/2021 10:11 am

Saved my life and Gave me back my enet

by D Saxt -

Even though not suggested for severe sleep apnea like mine, Bongo Rx works well for me. I cant use a CPAP or BIPAP. This device has saved my life and gotten me back most of my energy.

I now have frequent good days where I once was too fatigued to lift my arms and was staggering around like a drunk.