HDM Z1 and Z2 PowerShell with New Extended Life Battery

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HDM Z1™ and Z2 PowerShell™ with New Extended Life Battery

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription

Important: CPAP Device Not Included with Purchase

Product Description

The PowerShell just got better with the NEW Extended Life Battery! The New Extended Life Battery has twice the battery capacity of the original Overnight Battery. When using your Z1 or Z2 at the highest settings,(20 cmH2O, Z-Breathe 3) cpap therapy should last 8.9 hours. With lower pressure settings you should get even longer therapy.

The PowerShell™ can go anywhere. Weighing only 9 ounces alone the HDM Z1™ PowerShell™ Battery will never weigh your bags down. The compact battery and cradle simply fits just about anywhere, making it so easy to pack and take with you in your travels.

When the HDM Z1 and Z2 PowerShell is fully charged it can give you up to 8 hrs plus of CPAP therapy. Great to have for a back-up at home when the power is off or on those camping trips.

The PowerShell™ is the first fully integrated power solution for cpap users that need a totally portable, integrated power source.

It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but has enough power for at least 8 hours of cord-free cpap .

The PowerShell™ with Battery is used with the HDM Z1™ and Z2 Travel CPAP Machines.

Features of the HDM Z1™ and Z2 PowerShell™ with Battery

  • Soft, padded 2mm neoprene cover over a solid plastic skeleton that ensures a secure fit
  • Surrogate power plug for built-in charging using the standard Z1/Z2 power adapter
  • Insert the battery module and the Z1 or Z2, to create an integrated form-factor.
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use
  • At least 8 hours of battery power for most users
  • A lanyard, so that you can hang the Z1™ or Z2 while it is inside the PowerShell™. Hang it from your headboard, a tent-pole, the armrest of your seat while flying.

Battery Module Specs

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Weight - 15.5 oz (440g)
  • Battery Capacity -99.4 Wh (Watt hours)
  • Operating Temperature - 41°-95­°-F/5°-35°C
  • Run-Time - 8+ hours
  • Lifetime: approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle

Included in the Package

  • HDM Z1™ PowerShell™ Battery Cradle
  • One (1) PowerShell™ Battery Module
  • A lanyard so that you can hang the Z1™ while it is inside the PowerShell™. Hang it from your headboard, a tent-pole, the armrest of your seat while flying

Product Category:Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care > PAP Machines
Mode of Operation:Power Shell with Battery
Warranty:3 Years (9 months-battery)
Special User Features:Battery Life Indicator scaled and integrated on Z1 Display
Altitude Compensation:Sea level to 8,000 ft (auto adjusting)
Actual Weight:18 oz. (510 g)
US Shipping Cost:Free
Dimensions:8.25 x 4 x 3.25 in
Battery Power:14.4v / 99 Wh Li Ion
Associated Part #'s:HD60-7020
FAA Aproved:YES Complies w/ RTCA DO-160G Standards for In-flight use
  • Available Downloads and Resources for the HDM Z1 Travel CPAP Machine
  • Power Shell Getting Started Guide
  • Print out this FAA Compliance Letter When Flying
  • Z1 FAA Compliance Letter
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