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Swift™ FX Bella for Her Nasal Pillow Mask with 2 Headgear by ResMed

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SKU: Swift FX Bella for Her Nasal Pillow Mask with 2 Headgear-RM
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Manufacturer: ResMed

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Product Overview

The ResMed Swift™ FX Bella for Her is a nasal pillow CPAP mask made for women. It includes 2 different headgear options, the unique Bella Loops to hook behind your ears and the standard Swift™ FX for Her headgear. There are 3 cushion sizes available or choose the include all option if you are not sure of your size.

ResMed Swift™ FX Bella for Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask 

Copy of RX Required if Applicable to U.S Residents

Product Description

The most unique feature to the ResMed Swift™ FX Bella nasal pillow CPAP mask are the Bella loops. These loops fit comfortably around the ear and stay out of your hair for a more streamlined look and feel. They are made with silicone similar to the Swift™ FX for Her cushions. The Bella loops rest gently on your face and tuck away behind your ear and provide a new level of soft stability. ResMed has had so much success with the Swift™ FX for Her but they are always listening to customers needs and looking for ways to improve their product line. 

It is finally here! What is that you ask. Freedom! A ResMed nasal pillow CPAP mask for her that offers more freedom and flexibility than ever before. This nasal pillow style mask is all about customized fit and personal comfort. For the first time you have 2 different ways to wear the mask using the exclusive Swift™ FX Bella loops. The loops accommodate different hairstyles and make for a true personalized fit.

Copy of RX Required if Applicable

Can't find your RX? Not a problem. Our staff can contact your provider for a copy OR you can choose to itemize your order to No Rx Required to avoid any delays. Go ahead and place your order and a member of our staff will contact you regarding your preferred method. It's that easy!

Special Features

  • Bella Loops to accommodate various hairstyles fit around your ears

  • Soft wraps to enhance comfort on your cheeks

  • Designed for women's fitting range

  • 360 degree rotation elbow that allows for smooth movement sleeping on either side

  • Soft narrow cushions with a integrated flexible chamber that allows for comfortable side sleeping without compromising your seal

  • Minimalistic design with less adjustments needed

  • Quiet vent which blows air away from you and your bed partner

  • Spring flex light-weight tube allows you to move freely without pulling the mask away from your face. (This tube is compatible with all standard tubing).

Included in This Package

  • Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask in Selected Size
  • Swift™ FX for Her Headgear 
  • Bella Loops Ear Straps 
  • Pink Soft Wraps
  • Pink back strap
  • Fitting guide

Optional Accessories

  • CPAP Mask Wipes
  • ResMed SlimLine™ CPAP Hose
  • CPAP Tube Hanger

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Cushion: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed) 
  • Headgear: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed) 
  • Complete Mask: Every 6-19 Months (or as needed) 
  • Hose Tubing: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)

Actual Weight: Ultra-lightweight
Condition: New
Country of Origin: USA
Insurance Codes: A7034, A7035
International Shipping: Yes, Available
Latex Free: Yes
RX Required?: Yes, When Applicable to U.S. Residents
Travel Sized: Yes
US Shipping Cost: Free Standard Ground

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

4.4 out of 5


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Finally, a mask that doesn't leave crease marks on my hair and isn't a pain to get on and off. I was a bit nervous that the straps would hurt my ears, but I was reassured since the pack includes a head strap in case you can't tolerate the ear straps. However, I found that the ear loops work great! The secret is leaving them very loose. Don't put the mask on while sitting up and tighten the loops before laying down. Instead, while laying down, put on the ear loops leaving very loose. I found that gravity helps keep the nasal pillows in place and I don't need to tighten the loops, and this way, they don't hurt my ears! I love this mask! Now I can take showers and wash my hair again in the evenings before going to bed without worrying that my mask straps will crease my hair. Can't recommend this mask enough, just be sure to leave the ear loops as loose as possible---gravity will help the nasal pillows to get a good seal on your nose!

Great idea, but

by -

So I was so excited to find this mask as I find the nasal masks a bit smothering. I love most things about this mask except that as others have mentioned, it does hurt the tops/backs of my ears no matter if the straps are tighter or looser. It also hurts the edges of my nostrils. Great idea but not as comfortable as I had hoped.