Headgear for Philips Respironics Masks

To achieve the optimal performance of your Philips Respironics CPAP mask such as the DreamWear, you’ll need the right headgear. It will keep your CPAP mask in place throughout the night, even if you move around in your sleep, to ensure your breathing therapy is as effective as possible. As important as your CPAP machine and CPAP mask are, your headgear is just as vital to helping you get the breathing support you need while at rest.

Replacing Your Philips Respironics Headgear

If you’ve noticed that you need to keep tightening the straps of your CPAP mask, it may be time to consider buying replacement straps. Over time, even though your CPAP machine remains in good service, the comfort level of your mask and headgear can change with extended use.

When it’s time to invest in a new set of headgear for your mask, look for quality items, a commitment to meeting customer needs, and special features to ensure prime CPAP performance with your chosen CPAP mask. Select from among these headgear straps, which are designed to work with the Philips Respironics masks.

Features and Options

Respironics is among the top brands for CPAP design and fits so it’s only natural that you choose a CPAP mask and headgear that’s made by the same maker as your breathing therapy machine. They design and manufacture gear that’s intended to work seamlessly with their corresponding CPAP machines. Respironics masks provide comfort by making sure the nasal pillows fit gently against your face.

The straps, whether they go around the back of your head or over the top, help to give you a good night’s sleep while remaining in place and secure throughout the night. Because they’re adjustable, you can get a custom fit for your CPAP mask at home, whether you prefer a single or split headgear style. Getting the right CPAP headgear can save your sleep habits and ensure that you wake to feel well-rested in the morning so you can remove your CPAP mask without tangles and start our day.

Caring for Your CPAP Headgear

To care for your Philips Respironics headgear, hand wash all of the parts and allow them to air dry. Keep everything out of direct sunlight which can cause damage and discoloration. This will ensure the elastic remains supple and comfortable for overnight CPAP wear. There’s no special care required. Avoid using very hot water or harsh soaps which can damage the fabrics and elastics.

Use the enclosed information that comes with your headgear for details about the best way to attach it to your CPAP mask and make the necessary adjustments for a precise fit. Using a CPAP mask, paired with a set of high-quality straps and a CPAP machine, can help ensure you get restorative sleep. Respironics is one of the top brands for CPAP supplies. Trust them for the CPAP mask and gear you need to take charge of your health, beginning with reclaiming your sleep.

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