ResMed VPAP Machines

ResMed VPAP machines are bilevel devices that provide two separate pressures for inhalation and exhalation so you can breathe easily and sleep peacefully all night long. The new AirCurve™ 10 series of bilevel models are available in VAuto, S, ST and ASV mode. Because you can choose the ResMed model that best treats your sleep apnea, you can be assured of getting the right therapy for your needs. And because it includes a heated tube and Vsync technology, the bi level’s Easy Breathe motor feels natural.

Key Features of the ResMed VPAP Auto

Unlike a typical CPAP, this bilevel machine is how it adjusts the inhale and exhale pressure automatically using a high-tech AutoSet algorithm. The unit’s Easy Breathe Waveform replicates your natural breathing patterns for patients with lungs that perform within normal pressure range. For users who need supplemental oxygen, the ResMed device can accommodate that. The AutoRamp technology allows you to fall asleep and then the machine adjusts the pressure.

Expanded Comfort

Enjoy ultra-light tubing and climate control temperature and humidity settings for comfort. The h5i heated humidifier ensures that inhalation and exhalation feel natural and won’t disrupt your rest. Advanced models offer expanded settings that can meet the needs of users with complex breathing needs, automatically adjusting the pressure and flow in a way that best supports you.

A Bilevel VPAP Machine That Looks Attractive

Using an auto adjusting VPAP machine can offer you a more responsive sleep apnea therapy that leaves you waking up feeling well-rested. And while you may be concerned about the medical appearance of a bi level VPAP machine on your night table, the ResMed models have a sleek and modern design that stands out for its beauty. Clean lines and a minimalist interface offer user-friendly controls that make the machine easy to operate. Units include LCD displays with ambient lighting in case you want to adjust during the night. Settings and readings are easy to read, even in dark rooms. Avoid concerns about your CPAP disturbing your partner’s sleep; the quiet motor of these devices offer an effective CPAP alternative.

Includes Everything You Need

Each bi level machine comes with all necessary accessories for use. You get the tubing, filter, humidifier power supply, and cord. The SD card is included for those machines that collect and report data on your sleep. Tubing, filter, water chamber, and mask generally require replacement according to manufacturers’ instructions. All models come with a user manual to help you get started in using the device. Your VPAP also comes with a travel bag, too, so you can enjoy the benefits of your ResMed device and positive airway pressure therapy even when you’re away from home.

Enjoy More Restful Sleep

Making the decision with your physician to begin using a CPAP machine is an important one. Get the best night’s sleep you can by selecting the type of breathing therapy that best meets your needs. The ResMed VPAP machine delivers customized care that’s tailored to your health needs while focused on your comfort.

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